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Trineo USA

May 12th

Author – Abhinav Keswani

After a long and carefully executed series of events, we're really proud to announce the launch of Trineo, Inc in the USA.

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Salesforce Reference Plugin for Sublime Text 3

March 7th

Author – James Hill

The Salesforce developer documentation is of course the source of all wisdom, but it can take a bit of time to leave your development environment, search for what you’re after, and follow the right link. Being able to go straight to the desired location in the documentation from within your dev environment will help prevent you from losing your flow as often happens when you have to spend time searching for solutions – so towards that end, I’ve assembled a plugin for Sublime Text 3 that does just that!

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Salesforce Lead Consulting Jedi working with "big but not massive" customers

Feb. 22nd

Author – Dan Fowlie

Do you have what it takes to join a highly capable team of professionals as a Consultant? experience desired but other CRM experience considered. Whatever your background you'll know your Leads from your Accounts, your Cases from your Contracts. This role requires a people person who can work alongside with customers ranging from 16 - 499 employees. What we like to call “big but not massive". Trineo has a strong history in this market working with over 80 customers in our short history.

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Cultivating Creativity

Jan. 20th

Author – Abhinav Keswani

Creative and lateral thinking can turn a perceived hurdle into a robust solution. We're committed to cultivating a creative and spacious mind so as to give our team a deep sense of enjoyment without boundaries, and yield even better outcomes for our customers.

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