Working at Trineo

Confident, humble, and highly capable

We're a small, excellent team looking for level-headed, smart comrades with a sense of humor. Lone wolves are not a fit. We collaborate on our work. Agility informs everything we do.

A lot of companies are so willing to sell you a story—join us, work all the time and buy into the dream. Trineo doesn’t pitch to people that way. We set up a workplace that’s balanced, that looks out for you. It’s good because it’s achievable, not aspirational. It’s the truth of what we have right now.

Pete Nicholls



I’ve dressed all my kids in Trineo logo onesies and t-shirts, but more importantly, Trineo has been supportive of me taking time off after each of my kids was born. When I was dealing with family health issues, everyone at Trineo said, “You do what you need to. How can I help?” Family is important to everyone here.

Graham Wagener